CSRM executive short courses

CSRM executive short courses

The ANU Centre for Social Research & Methods (CSRM), runs a series of executive short courses. These can be delivered as stand alone courses, or customised to suit the needs of individual agencies or organisations.


A Short Course Primer on Data and Evidence for Public Policy

This course introduces the main issues in data collection, analysis and interpretation in public policymaking, policy analysis and policy evaluation. Participants will learn about designing and executing policy projects, critically analysing or evaluating data from surveys or other databases and also gain an appreciation of the tools and methodologies for measuring policy or program impact. Delivered by A/Prof Nicholas Biddle and Prof Matthew Gray.

Microsimulation Modelling for Policymakers: Strengths, Weaknesses and Predictive Power

If you have always wondered how simulation modelling can reliably predict the social and economic impact of taxes and budgets, then this is a course you should attend. Participants will gain insights from simulation modelling and discuss its predictive capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. 

Designing and Running Field Trials for Policy Insight

Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are now gaining popularity as a powerful instrument or tool for evaluating public policy. RCTs are increasingly used in behavioural economic-style pilot interventions to test the efficacy of behavioural change outcomes. Public Sector participants will be introduced to the theory and practice of carefully designing and implementing RCTs that can reliably inform them about policy or service interventions that work or not work and why. 

Collecting Survey Data: Principles, Design and Execution

A must for anyone involved in the commissioning of social surveys as part of their role (e.g. project managers and policy analysts), and those who have direct involvement in social surveys and data collection in the APS or private sector. Participants will learn to identify and co-develop survey designs to answer key social research or policy evaluation questions and, overall, develop a more critical awareness of available social survey instruments, measures and methodologies. Delivered by the CSRM in association with skilled practitioners from the Melbourne-based Social Research Centre (SRC).

Evaluating Policies and Programs

Explore the main issues concerning the evaluation of public policies and programs and the potential traps of poor evaluation methodology. Learn about the different techniques for evaluating costs and benefits, minimising bias and errors, recognising the limitations of existing data, and extracting evidence that is meaningful to policymakers and/or informs current policy debates.

Social and Behavioural insights for Enhancing Public Policies and Services

Globally, policy tweaks and nudges have optimised behavioural changes in areas like revenue collection, eg tolls, fines, tax compliance etc. More recently, randomised evaluations of behavioural-type interventions are positively impacting policies and services in areas as diverse as integrity and compliance; cost-effectiveness, and operational streamlining; public affordability, access and uptake; and program efficiency, productivity and impact. Learn more about how behavioural insights are being applied in the public sector and brainstorm ideas with your peers in this course. 

Using Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Data for Evidence-Based Policy Making

Mixed methods is a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches that provide a better understanding of policy issues than either approach in isolation. The course is targeted towards those who commission, undertake or utilise empirical research as part of their role in the analysis, design or implementation of policies or services delivery. Delivered by the CSRM in association with skilled practitioners from the Melbourne-based Social Research Centre (SRC). 


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